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Tints & Dispositions

Tints & Dispositions


Tints & Dispositions
Gilles Massot

Publisher • Grey Projects
Year • 2018
Pages • 54
Dimensions • 17.7 x 25 cm

Tints and Dispositions inaugurates an exhibition and curatorial program that focuses on historicising the making of recent art, tracing the development of artistic practices in Singapore and the wider region through the re-exhibition and re-view of earlier, under-seen art materials. The next exhibition in this series will be the artist Chun Kai Qun’s early prints from his first years of his practices, demonstrating the ways music, food culture and drawing have been longstanding preoccupations in his practice. Each of these exhibitions is accompanied by the publication of an interview with the artist. With this program I want to emphasis the centrality of artists to the historisation of art; historiography labor involves historians and educators, to be sure, but the dialogic exchanges between artists and peers produce the important patches of communality that generate another understanding of scene, terrain and territory. In the uneven development of art and modernity in this part of the world, these patches can be thin and poorly networked, yet our understanding of the contemporary in Singapore and the wider region will be deficient without them.”

— an excerpt from the Foreword by Jason Wee

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