Grey Projects


Tell me something I don't know

Tell me something I don't know


Tell me something I don’t know
Geraldine Kang

Publisher • Grey Projects
Year • 2014
Pages • 24
Dimensions • 21 x 29.7 cm

Tell me something I don’t know is Geraldine’s personal dialogue with Singapore. Connoting both a resignation towards circumstances and a renewed curiosity, the show is a result of Geraldine’s physical explorations of the land. The exhibition consists of three distinct sets of photographs: Under the guise of surface, This city by any other name (Will smell just as white), and As quietly as rhythms go. The latter is a book of abstract movements and moments taken at a construction site at Sungei Serangoon. A study of shadow, men and machines, As quietly... is an awkward celebration of beauty and mourning over the loss of greenery, a seemingly perennial local trauma. This book is available from Math Paper Press.

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