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Feminist Rant Vol. 1

Feminist Rant Vol. 1


Feminist Rant Vol. 1
Viviana Mejia

Publisher • Viviana Mejia
Year • 2015
Pages • 44

Feminist Rant is a collective of women who have created this zine as an outlet of expression of their thoughts and grievances. Each of the participants engages with a broad scope of mediums to translate their opinions. Feminist Rant plays on the notion of derogatory nature the feminist discourse has acquired in later years and wants to defy this trope by appropriating it and redefining it.

Editor and founder: Viviana Mejía
Designer and contributor: Izzy Liyana Harris

María Arango
Izyanti Asa'ari
Shannon Lee Castleman
Christina Chua
Joan Clair
Lucy Davis
Izzy Liyana Harris
Rachel Jordan
Alicia Lazzaroni
Carolina Mejía
Vera Mey
Ana María Montoya
soph O
Eileen Anastasia Reynolds
Mahala Scott
Adele Tan
Joanne Tan
Wee Li Lin
Andrée Weschler
Liana Yang
June Yap

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