Grey Projects


Mechanical Arm by Yang Jie [2013]

[08.11.13 — 07.12.13]

Mechanical Arm is a large-scale installation of hybrid instruments and objects. Yang Jie investigates the mechanisation of human gesture and mannerism in society, extending his research to certain aspects of writing, discipline and torture.

The exhibition invites the viewers to re-think the relationship between apparatus such as the typewriter and the branding iron.

Yang Jie is interested in the way things are put together: furniture, objects, stories and ideas. Drawing on his engineering background, his work consists mainly of objects of monumental size, if not ambition. His projects include the large scale installation Can I lend you my Umbrella? (2011), a collaboration with video and performance artist, Ezzam Rahman; Postcards from Earth (2011), with the Black Baroque Committee at The Objectifs, Singapore. Working in a collective format, he produced the installation Reading Room, at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery 1 & 2. This collective also undertook the conceptualisation and creation of the Excellence Sculptural Installation at the Youth Olympics Village for the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010.

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