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Foetus — Birth & Death by Kenny Leck [2013]

[26.09.13 — 26.10.13]

Giving birth to death — what is living will eventually decay. Entering this world stillborn ceases beauty, and paths the way for the pain that comes with it.

“I was paying my last respects when we were putting in my mother’s ashes, and I noticed her ‘neighbours’ were two young babies. The first infant was born in 2004, and died three days after. The second was born in 2007, and died two days later. It was obvious they were sisters as they shared the same last name. There were no pictures of the babies on their niche other than a heartfelt message inscribed in gold lettering.

For some strange reason, I felt more pain for the parents’ losses than the passing of my own mother. I could not imagine the nightmares they would have to sleep through knowing that not one but two have been lost. Did they believe in karma? Did they believe in a greater reason to this loss and suffering?

These artworks are a representation of birth and beauty. It is the pain and agony that comes with it during its journey of death and decay. The pain of childbirth, like a thousand knives piercing through your soul, or the split-second pain of a tiny needle prick, of losing someone close to your heart almost like they were stolen from you; the pain of birth and the pain of death.” — Kenny Leck

Kenny Leck is the co-founder of BooksActually, an independent literary bookstore that specialises in Fiction and Literature titles. He also helms the publishing imprint Math Paper Press, and the handmade stationery line, Birds & Co. Artist and hoarder, his most characteristic artworks are boxed assemblages created from found objects discarded by everyday people. On good sunny days, he sees himself as a karung guni man too.

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