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Tell Me Something I Don't Know by Geraldine Kang [2014]

[24.01.14 — 24.02.14]

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know is Geraldine Kang's personal dialogue with Singapore. Connoting both a resignation towards circumstances and a renewed curiosity, the show is a result of Kang’s physical explorations of the land articulated into three bodies of photographs.

In This city by any other name (Will smell just as white), Kang uses the colour white to craft a broad, poetic introspection on the politics of land and space. Interventions are placed in large landscapes, engineering situations that look both plausible and surreal, potentially challenging perceived impressions of places and spaces in Singapore.

In Under the guise of surface, a man in white coveralls is seen painting over weather-worn or abandoned public structures. What appears as an effort to maintain these overlooked sites and objects is also a gesture that reactivates and catapults them back into public imagination through the act of staged photography.

Finally, As quietly as rhythms go is a book of abstract movements and moments taken at a construction site at Sungei Serangoon. Drawn to patterns of light, shadow, men and machines, Kang documents and presents an awkward celebration of beauty and mourning over the loss of greenery, a seemingly perennial local trauma.

Geraldine Kang (b. 1988) graduated from the School of Art, Design and Media. She uses photography as a means to challenge and redefine emotional and intellectual boundaries. Kang’s past work includes a half-nude family portrait series In the raw and a collaborative project on mental health titled Black as waves, Half as light. She was awarded the Kwek Leng Joo Prize of Excellence in Photography and has exhibited in Singapore, Indonesia and China. Tell me something I don't know is Kang’s first major solo presentation. •

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