Time and History: Drawings Revolving Around Time

    Joshua Yang
  • 9 September - 9 October 2014

Time and History

Grey Projects is proud to present Time and History: Drawings Revolving Around Time, an exhibition by Joshua Yang.

Taking its title from Time and History, an essay written by contemporary philosopher Giorgio Agamben, this exhibition re-introduces the introspective and contemplative aspect of the act of viewing.

Revisiting the idea of drawing lines as a measure or experience of time, Joshua visually interprets the nine concepts of time that are stated in Agamben’s essay: linear time, circular time, spiral time, discontinuous time, eternal time, and more. Overlaying these intricate, labyrinthine works are voice excerpts of the inspiration – selected passages from Agamben’s essay, as well as a musical soundtrack composed by Joe Ng will be played on loop.

Artist Bio

Joshua Yang makes single-line drawings which he calls the Superstring series and attempts to connect scientific theory through artistic expression. Yang has won several awards in the field of visual arts including the 24th UOB Painting of the Year Competition in which he won first prize in the abstract category. His entry of a child-like drawn house garnered him the highly commended title for the 25th UOB Painting of the Year Competition in 2006. He is the co-founder of the artist collective known as vertical submarine which has been active since 2003. He works at the NUS High School of Math and Science where he teaches Art History and Sculpture.