The Past and Coming Melt

    Koh Nguang How
  • 12 January - 23 February 2019* Extended to 2 March 2019

Koh Nguang How has developed significant influence for his itinerant archive, a project of print accumulation that amassed news clippings, print ephemera, catalogues, and artist documentation over nearly four decades. This is matched by a remarkable correspondence with his recollection of errata, corrections and amendments to the art historical records as manifest in museum publications and academic journals.

What is less known are Koh’s performative installations and photographs that situate him as a pioneer of environmentally engaged art, an eco-sensitive practice that draws attention to ozone depletion, global warming, and climate change. ‘The Past and Coming Melt’ is a new presentation by Grey Projects that draws crucial attention on this little-written aspect of Koh’s practice, arguing for Koh’s crucial, early artistic position on some of the most pressing environmental crises and traumas of our day. The exhibition includes archival works as well as new recreations of previously destroyed or unavailable work and material.

About the Artist

Koh Nguang How was born in Singapore, in 1963. His artistic practice started in 1988 and encompasses photography, collage, installation, performance, documentation, archiving and curating. He started to exhibit art archives from 1992 and initiated his “Singapore Art Archive Project” (SAAP) in 2005; he subsequently presented various thematic works and exhibitions under the SAAP. He presented 30 years of newspaper cuttings in a work “Artists in the News” during the 3rd Singapore Biennale in 2011 and “TAV Archives” in “SUNSHOWER: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s to Now” at the National Art Center, Tokyo, in 2017.