Teppei Yamada

We’re very happy to welcome Japanese artist Teppei Yamada, who is here as part of our first exchange with Akiyoshidai International Art Village (AIAV).
Having been an actor from the age of three through his adolescence, Teppei’s sixteen years in that practice would condition him to navigate the world through playing different roles. These constant shifts in his identity would eventually birth uncertainties about finding his ‘one’ true self amongst all the different selves that he has created. Considering his true self unknown, Teppei decodes external stimuli around him through his works, and reflects upon his creations as mirrors to his true self. Using sound, video, and ‘power’ in his multimedia installations, Teppei seeks to better understand the structure of the world around him.

During his residency, Teppei will further develop his recent project, an exploration of human heartbeats and their symbolic dual nature of individuality and universality. Collecting the sounds of Singaporean heartbeats, Teppei aims to render these fleeting sounds into tactile and visible media, allowing viewers to engage with the habitually intangible in novel ways. Despite the anonymising nature of their sonic medium, Teppei hopes to translate the beatings of the collected multicultural hearts into forms which portray an inner liveliness – a shared personal space – which will inspire empathy beyond language and racial differences.
Learn more about his works at www.teppeiyamada.com



Teppei Yamada’s Open Studio