Tania De Rozario

Berlin Residency

Photo by Gwen Kwan


We are very excited to kick off our Berlin Residency with writer and artist Tania De Rozario! We’ll be sending Tania to Berlin in May, where she’ll spend a month immersing herself in the charmingly gritty city while working on her residency project.

The project will be a literary and visual response to a series of letters written by German poet Rainer Maria Rilke, published after his death under the title ‘Letters to a Young Poet’. In these letters, Rilke offers advice on how a poet should seek truth and love, experience the world, and engage with art.

Now, roughly a century later, as both an artist and a writer, Tania seeks to respond to Rilke’s letters. Using letter-writing as a departure point for art-making, the project will be anchored by the process of asking questions and themes of ‘unresolved-ness’.


About Tania:

Tania De Rozario is an artist, writer and curator interested in issues of gender and sexuality, representations of women in Horror, and art as activism. Her practice hovers on the intersections between text and image, and her work has been showcased in London, Spain, Amsterdam, Singapore, New York and San Francisco.

For more information on Tania and her works, please visit: www.taniaderozario.com