Residency Exchange Programme

A highlight of our core programmes, our international residency exchange is a collaborative engagement between Grey Projects and our residency partners. In this programme, we invite artists (Singaporeans and PRs only) to apply for a 4-6 week artist residency with our partners overseas. The residency will include studio visits, open studios, as well as other presentation opportunities in the hosting country. In addition to accommodation and workspace, airfare and a modest production fee will also be provided. In exchange, we host international artists recommended to us by our residency partners.

Artists staying with us will enjoy access to our library/workspace and the residency room. Depending on its availability, the studio space may also be vacant for use. As presentation opportunities and activities such as workshops and artist talks are independently determined with each artist, residency offers do not guarantee the culmination of an exhibition or any similar event.

At the moment, we continue to expand our reach to more international residency spaces, and we are excited about the aspect of forming new partnerships.

Current partners

1) Taipei, Taiwan – AIR Taipei

This is a month-long artist residency in Taipei, Taiwan, with Taipei Artist Village.

Past successful residents (Singapore):

2018 – Anthony Chin (14 October – 27 December 2018)
2017 – Khairullah Rahim (23 October – 18 December 2017)
2015 – Jacqueline Sim (Residency period: 5 January – 10 February 2015)

Open Call page. Applications are currently closed.

2) Japan – Akiyoshidai International Art Village (AIAV)

This is a 65-day artist residency in Japan, with Akiyoshidai International Art Village.

Past successful residents (Singapore):

2019 – Joel Chin (9 January – 14 March 2019)

Open Call page. Applications are now closed.

Past partners

1) Barcelona, Spain – SingcatHangar, and Les Bernardes

This was part of Singcat, an international residency exchange between Singapore and Barcelona, with our partners Hangar and Les Bernardes. The residency took place in Hangar, Barcelona in Spain – 3 weeks in Salt and 3 weeks in Hangar.

Past successful residents (Singapore):

2015 – Loo Zihan
2014 – Kray Chen
2012 – Geraldine Kang
2011 – Kelvin Atmadibrata

2) Bandung, Indonesia – Platform3

An exchange with Platform3, this was a month-long residency that took place in Bandung, Indonesia.

Past successful residents (Singapore):

2014 Ruyi Wong

3) Medellín, Colombia – Casa Tres Patios

This is a residency for curators and artist-curators who are interested in working with social and/or urban issues are strongly encouraged to create proposals for research.

This residency is an exchange programme between Grey Projects and Casa Tres Patios, and is a part of the Gift Exchange residency developed by Maja Ćirić and Biljana Ćirić. The Gift Exchange residency was started in order to complete the project Give More Than You Take by Pratchaya Phinthong. The residency explores the notion of ‘gift’ through cultural exchanges that hope to draw connection between different locations and productions, propelling future ongoing relationships.

Institutions participating in the Gift Exchange residency include: Times Museum (Guang Zhou, China), Grey Projects (Singapore), Dom Omladine in cooperation with Šumatovača AIR (Belgrade, Serbia), and Casa Tres Patios (C3P; Medellín, Colombia).

For more information about Pratchaya’s work and the origins of the Gift Exchange, please download this document.

Past successful residents (Singapore):

2014 – Kamiliah Bahdar

4) Maracaibo, Venezuela – Maczul Studio

This is an exchange with Maczul Studio at the Zulia Museum of Contemporary Art, located in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

The residency seeks to support contemporary artists and curators in their research and production of new works, and may result in presentation opportunities such as an open studio and/or exhibition. During the residency, the aplicant can look forward to curatorial support in project development, assistance with research and sourcing of materials, as well as networking opportunities with local artists. In addition, the applicant will also have access to a studio space, library, and research center.


Exchange Artists

    Teppei Yamada
  • 16 January - 27 February 2019

We’re very happy to welcome Japanese artist Teppei Yamada, who is here as part of our first exchange with Akiyoshidai International Art Village (AIAV). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Having been an actor from the age of three through his adolescence, Teppei’s sixteen years in that practice would condition him to navigate the world through playing different roles. These […]


    Nathan Beard
  • 27 October - 24 November 2018

We’re pleased to welcome Australian artist Nathan Beard, who is here on residency with us as part of our partnership with Artsource. Nathan is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on photography, sculpture and textiles, and whose practice unpacks the influences of culture, memory and biography. Drawing upon his Thai-Australian heritage, his work uses creative […]


    Wu Chi-Yu
  • 30 August - 11 October 2018

We’re pleased to welcome Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-Yu, who is here on residency with us, as part of the AIR Taipei Residency Exchange with Grey Projects (! Chi-Yu’s practice revolves around the moving image and looking for contemporary narratives in lost memory through the reproduction of myths and oral history. He has explored installations, video […]


    Dan Gladden
  • 28 April - 8 June 2018

We’re pleased to welcome Australian artist Dan Gladden, who is here on residency with us, as part of our partnership with Artsource (! Dan’s art practice has developed as an exploratory combination of painting and drawing, investigating the construction of masculine identity through media representations of the male form and their influence on male sexuality […]


    Ni Hao
  • 13 April - 13 May 2017

We’re pleased to welcome Ni Hao, our latest artist-in-residence who is here as part of our residency exchange with AIR Taipei. In his works, Hao pursues and articulates the contradictions of power dynamics, hierarchal structures, and cycles and systems that overlap one another. Through his research, Hao traces and maps acts of violence, or the […]


    Chen I-Chun & Helin Luo
  • 20 July - 15 August 2016

We’re pleased to welcome Taiwanese artist Chen I-Chun 陳依純 and curator Helin Luo, who are here as part of a residency exchange organized by Waley Art 水谷藝術, and supported by Grey Projects and the Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan) under the Southeast Asia-Taiwan Cultural Exchange Collaboration Emerald Initiative.