8 artists. 8 prints. 80 editions.

We’re excited to launch our inaugural Print Programme. An alternative to the usual exhibition-as-display, 8.8.80 focuses on new print commissions from both notable and emerging artists: each month, we feature new print works from an artist, with each set of works in a limited edition of 80 prints. 8.8.80 is shown both in an online gallery and in a set of pull-out trays located in our gallery. As a hands-on, horizontal viewing experience, visitors can pull the trays out themselves to examine works up close.

In the first year, we throw the spotlight on artists based in Singapore. These artists, many of whom do not work exclusively with prints, take their commissions in bold directions; these new works employ a range of techniques, including photography, copper etching, silkscreen, as well as adventurous blends.  At the end of eight months, the full set can be collected or presented as a carefully curated print portfolio.

We are opening the series with Jovian Lim’s After the Fall, a collection of photographic prints taking from the genre of vanitas painting and still-life photography, a form of art that contemplate notions of transience, decay and death. Lim’s prints call to mind the passing of time, the illusion of its persistence, and the fragility of that illusion.