Print Lab 2015 Talks

Print Lab Talks

Print Lab 2015 is proud to present talks by our Print Lab participants: Lai Yu Tong, Sim Jui Liang, Feminist Rant editor Viviana Mejía, and Feminist Rant contributors Sam Lo (SKLO), Sophia Ong, Wei Fan Tan, and Samantha Yap. The speakers will share with us the conception and bookmaking process of their self-published works.


– Lai Yu Tong – Corners (1 to 35), How to Waste: Time and Space
– Sim Jui Liang – Sociology of Tourism
– Viviana Mejía, Sam Lo (SKLO), Sophia Ong, Wei Fen Tan, and Samantha Yap – Feminist Rant

Print Lab is an annual Art & Design book exhibition showcasing and selling self-published titles. Print Lab 2015 is on view until 21 October 2015. More about Print Lab: