Open Studio with Ni Hao

  • 6 - 13 May 2017

Ni Hao is a Taiwanese Canadian visual artist based in New York. He is currently on an artist residency in Singapore, as part of an exchange between Grey Projects and AIR Taipei.

In his works, Hao pursues and articulates the contradictions of power dynamics, hierarchal structures, and cycles and systems that overlap one another. Through his research, Hao traces and maps acts of violence, or the moment when power structures collide. In these, he finds connections from a wide range of sources such as social rituals, modern warfare, dromology, pop culture, and ghost stories. By constantly researching, translating and imposing the existing logic from one system to another, Hao tries to extract poetic meaning from chaos, to suggest an alternative perspective to our daily lives.

During his residency, Hao will be exploring the social and physical impact of speed and technology, specifically how speed is used to maintain and exercise power in Singapore.

Come by his studio between 6 to 13 May to have a chat with him and see what he’s been working on the past weeks!

To find more about Hao and his works, visit: