Juliana Ong

Studio artist-in-residence Juliana Ong

We’re pleased to welcome Juliana Ong, our latest Studio Artist-in-Residence.

Through her practice, Juliana focuses on exploring the subtleties of drawing through the act of mark making. She is in the process of discovering ways to translate mark making through different mediums in order to produce multiple representations that convey intangible thoughts. By doing so, she hopes to explore the various narratives of her unpredictable lines and marks. Juliana is also interested in making abstraction deliberate, experimenting with degrees of both methodology and disorder. Through this process, she searches for harmony and balance within her written vibrations and formations.

During her four-week stay here, Juliana will experiment with her practice in drawing and mark making. She will have an Open Studio on April 8th (6-8pm) and April 9th (2-6pm), more details below.


Open Studio with Juliana Ong

Juliana Ong