Jennis Li

Jennis Li

2015 has indeed been a busy year for our studio space. This month, we are pleased to welcome our latest studio artist-in-residence, Jennis Li!

During her short residency with Grey Projects, she hopes to continue working on a work entitled ‘Laminated Lament’, as well as a few small sculptures using found objects that triggered her personal sentiments towards Singapore.

Jennis is also part of a recently launched group exhibition ‘What it is about when it is about nothing’. Curated by Michael Lee, the exhibition is currently on view at Mizuma Gallery until October 25th. More info about the exhibition here:


About Jennis Li

Jennis Li Cheng Tien studied Interactive Media Design In Singapore and work in advertising agencies for several years. In 2008 she relocated to Germany where received her MFA in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies in 2010 at the Bauhaus University of Weimar, Germany.

Jennis’s work ranges from urban interventions to site-specific installations that aspire to be perceptually engaging. Her acute interest in spatial analysis and locality propelled her to focus on the points of intersection between architecture, sculpture, and urban structure, subsequently refining her own conceptual and visual vocabulary. In most of her recent works, Jennis attempts to integrate local participation, as she is interested in how her work, with the input from people, can be shaped differently to add an additional layer of relevance and purpose to a place.

To learn more about Jennis and her works, please visit:



Jennis’ Open Studio at Grey Projects:

Open Studio with Jennis Li