Chris Yeo

Photo by Philipp Aldrup


We’re pleased to introduce our participant for this year’s Berlin Studio Residency: Chris Yeo.

Screenwriter, film-maker, and independent researcher, Chris has devoted his practice to philosophical themes, particularly eastern and western metaphysics, philological systems, and the translations of theories in art making and spectatorship. Chris sees his screenwriting as a task that requires active participation of both the writer and reader to transform their mode of engagement with the given text and the ideas behind it.

During his residency, Chris plans to further explore this facet of active participation by engaging with various artists, non-artists, and art writers in informal scriptwriting workshops about art. He then plans to produce not only collaborative scripts about art but also document the metastory of collaborative scriptwriting as “scenes” – improvised notes on the conditions and circumstances around how these conversations arise. With both direct workshop output and metastory scenes, Chris aims to write a screenplay that both is, and is about, art.