Singapore from BW to C v.2.0.17

    A short film by Gilles Massot
  • 7 October 2017, 8pm - 9pm

Date/Time: 7 Oct 2017, 8-9pm
Venue: Visitor’s Briefing Room, Lvl 1, National Library Singapore
Admission: Free

In November 1985, Gilles Massot presented his first exhibition in Singapore: a series of forty-two black and white painted photographs, set for a one-night-only event in a flatted factory in MacPherson Road. The body of work was a reflection on the deep transformation then taking place in both urban spaces and the social fabric of the newly born nation.

This event was a noticeable departure from the form of photographic and artistic practices that had prevailed in Singapore until then, both in its pictorial content and in its presentation as installation in an industrial space. Thirty-two years later, curator Jason Wee decided to revisit this body of work with an exhibition presented in his art space Grey Projects. He aimed to highlight the historical significance granted by the passing of time to both images and artistic process, and bring it back to the public’s attention. This short movie was conceived as a reflection of the journey and exploration accomplished in 1985, the “there and then”, in relation to its significance and relevance to the “here and now” in 2017, at a time when Singapore has become more particularly concerned with the preservation of its past memories and heritage. Through animation of still images, computer screen capture, and some live situation shooting in and around the National Library, the 31mn movie presents an overview of the works then exhibited and the places featured in the photographs, along with a commentary narrating the genesis of the work within the context of the emerging contemporary local art scene.

The Singapore art scene of the early 1980s had such a spontaneous and informal energy that its vibrancy has yet to be properly identified, recorded and analysed by art historians. The exhibition Singapore from BW to C was an integral part of it and this short movie hopes to be a meaningful contribution to this process.

The screening will be followed by a short Q&A with Gilles Massot.

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