Workshops & Events

SEA-ME-WE 3 - Talk by artist-in-residence Virgile Fraisse

Join us on July 14th, 5PM for a talk by our current artist-in-residence, Virgile Fraisse, as he shares about his artistic practice, past works, and his current project SEA-ME-WE 3. SEA-ME-WE 3 is the third instalment of Virgile’s research and film project, SEA-ME-WE. Originally the name for an optical submarine telecommunications cable system carrying telecommunications […]


Tints and Dispositions - Book Launch

Join us at 5pm on 13 Jan for the launch of ‘Tints and Dispositions’, an exhibition catalogue for the synonymous exhibition by Gilles Massot! The launch will be followed by a rooftop screening of Gilles’ short film ‘Singapore from BW to C v.2.0.17’.


Boring Donkey Songs - Book Launch

Grey Projects is proud to announce the launch of Boring Donkey Songs, a collection of poems and writings by Singapore Cultural Medallion recipient and winner of the Joseph Balestier Award for the Freedom of Art 2016, Lee Wen. Join Lee Wen and us on Dec 2nd (4-6pm) as we celebrate the launch of this long-awaited […]


In Between Mean Time - Talk & Screening by artist-in-residence Felix Kalmenson

Felix will be presenting his research into the central role that the British botanic garden system played in the colonial project. His investigation traces the extraction, propagation and dispersal of plants and plant knowledge throughout the British Empire’s colonial botanical garden network. The research focuses on the narrative and instrumentalisation of Gutta Percha, a resin […]


Sewing Workshops with Becca -

Join us in November at Grey Projects for three sewing workshops by Becca D’Bus!


Singapore from BW to C v.2.0.17 - A short film by Gilles Massot

In November 1985, Gilles Massot presented his first exhibition in Singapore: a series of forty-two black and white painted photographs, set for a one-night-only event in a flatted factory in MacPherson Road. Through animation of still images, computer screen capture, and some live situation shooting in and around the National Library, the 31mn movie presents […]