Residency Programmes

Grey Projects welcomes both local and international artists from a diverse range of disciplines, including design, photography, literature, film, and performance. So far, we have hosted artistic practitioners from Asia, Europe and Africa, and they include curators, poets and playwrights.  Our three main residency programmes are:

Studio Residency Programme

Only open to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, artists who are interested in using our studio space are invited to apply for our Studio Programme. Programme may result in presentation opportunities such as an open studio. We ask for a modest fee (SGD300/month), which does not cover the costs of running the space, but helps with miscellaneous expenses.

More information on our Studio Residency Programme and past residents here.

Open to applications, click here for more details.

International Residency Programme

We support international artists by hosting them in our residency space, which is furnished with a single bed, table, chair, wardrobe, and has an attached bathroom. Presentation opportunities and activities such as workshops and artist talks are independently determined with each resident, upon his/her arrival. We ask for a modest residency fee of SGD400/week.

More information on our International Residency Programme and past residents here.

Exchange Residency Programme

A highlight of our core programmes, our international residency exchange is a collaborative engagement between Grey Projects and our residency partners. In this programme, we invite artists (Singaporeans and PRs only) to apply for a month-long artist residency with our partners. The residency will include studio visits, open studios, as well as other presentation opportunities in the hosting country. In addition to accommodation and workspace, airfare and a modest production fee will also be provided. In exchange, we host international artists recommended to us by our residency partners.

More information on our Exchange Residency Programme and past residents here.