Exhibition Programme

    Open Studio with Ni Hao

Ni Hao is a Taiwanese Canadian visual artist based in New York. He is currently on an artist residency in Singapore, as part of an exchange between Grey Projects and AIR Taipei.


    Messes and Overcooked Soups
  • Chun Kai Qun

As part of this year’s exhibition program on historicizing the contemporary, Grey Projects is proud to present Messes and Overcooked Soups, a sequence of prints, drawings, ink paintings and sketchbooks completed by Chun Kai Qun in a three-year period in the 2000s.


    Tints and Dispositions
  • Gilles Massot

Grey Projects is proud to present Tints and Dispositions, an exhibition by Gilles Massot, featuring a series of photographs from the 1980s.


    Alfa Tango
  • Guo-Liang Tan & Sookoon Ang

Grey Projects is proud to present Alfa Tango, an exhibition by Guo-Liang Tan and Sookoon Ang, curated by Jason Wee.


    Click Candy
  • Vanessa Ban

‘Click Candy’ is Vanessa Ban’s first solo exhibition in Singapore. Inspired by clickbait – specifically web content that generates online advertising revenue through relying on sexualised images of women to attract ‘clicks’, Ban’s latest work imagines clickbait without its sex objects.

Join us for the exhibition opening on October 5th, 6-8pm.


    Invisible Direction《隱形的方向》
  • Chen I-Chun & Luo Helin

Grey Projects is proud to present Invisible Direction, an exhibition by artists-in-residence Chen I-Chun and Helin Luo, part of a residency exchange between Waley Art in Taipei 水谷藝術 and Grey Projects.

Join us on September 3rd for the exhibition opening and a talk by local artist Tang Ling Nah and Waley Art curator Ya-Siang Yang. Ya-Siang and Ling Nah will share about Waley Art’s Residency Programme as well as Ling Nah’s experience and exhibition in Taipei. There will also be a screening of ‘Home-sick 水谷日記’, a short film directed by Lei Yuan Bin, featuring Ling Nah during her residency with Waley Art in Taipei.